Key Facts

What is Focus Ireland’s vulture shock campaign about?


Focus Ireland’s new campaign is calling for the Government to bring in legislation to protect homeowners and tenants in buy-to-let properties from the threat posed by vulture funds.

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What are vulture funds?


Vulture Funds are generally hedge funds or private equity firms which are in the business of buying debt. These vulture funds buy loan books at heavy discounts and try to maximise their profits as fast as they can.

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How many homes in Ireland are owned by Vulture Funds?


 Already, the vulture funds own 47,000 Irish homes right across the country.

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Do Vulture Funds have to stick to the same rules as the main banks?


No. The sector lacks the regulation of the banking sector and, while changes have been made in recent times this has allowed them to act with virtual impunity when dealing both with borrowers and with politicians who have tried to dig into what they are doing. Last July the law was changed to bring some – but not all – of the activities of the funds under Central Bank regulation.

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What does Focus Ireland want me to do?


Focus Ireland is calling for people to sign its petition calling for Government action to stop more vulture funds swooping on Ireland. Action is needed to clip the wings of these vultures and protect the family home.

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Where can I find out if I am at risk of vulture shock and sign the petition?

I need help?


We support families and individuals at risk or affected by homelessness. If you need help, call us today. You can get the right advice at the right time. We are here to help whatever your circumstances: